How to use Bokeh Textures ? Free Tutorial

Thursday, 4 December 2014

I'm getting many questions about how to use Bokeh Textures, so here it is, very quick tutorial. Hope you will find it useful.
I pick one, very clean edited baby picture. I change the background very quickly and  gave this image more festive look. No special tricks!

This recipe has been created with PS CC, however the rules will be the same when using any other editing program that allows to use the layers (PS CS, PSE, Gimp etc.)
There are few tips at the end, be sure to check them out too.
* Tips
  1.  always use soft brush tool and zoom your image 
  2.  textures won't look natural over the faces, be delicate
  3.  try different colors of the texture, match them with your image first
  4.  you can achieve additional effects by placing snow overlays or light overlays, just remember less is more, it shouldn't look totally fake

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